• Pins and sleeves in 4 sizes
3/8, 1/2, 5/8and 3/4"

Pin and sleeve


Product Description

American made 304 Medical grade stainless stel with a brass bushing sleeve (by Splade Art Studio)

These pins and sleeves are used for mounting a sculpture. There are two parts, a stainless steel pin and a brass sleeve. Mount your pin into the base and cut the brass sleeve  to desired length to fit into your sculpture! Easy to remove sculpture from base!

ps 3/8 has 3/8" pin and 1/2" brass sleeve  3" long

ps 1/2 has 1/2" pin and 5/8" brass sleeve  3.5" long

ps 5/8 has 5/8" pin and 3/4" brass sleeve   4" long

ps 3/4 has 3/4" pin and 1" brass sleeve    5" long