Stone Sources

Resources for Stones

Great Video on mining of Marble... worth viewing.


We no longer have stones for sale We used to carry thousands of pounds in many varieties. However, we simply got very tired of the heavy equipment and labor intensive end of the business.

Soapstone (talc)

SoapstoneThe best and most fun stone for beginning carvers. It is soft and plentiful.

The best for purity (no asbestos) is Brazilian. For a local supplier: Google "Soapstone" and check availability.

For Brazilian Soapstone:

  • The Compleat Sculptor - New York
  • Gian Carlo Stoneworks - British Columbia
  • Neolithic Stone - British Columbia

You may have to buy a whole pallet (2000 pounds) from Canada and pay duties, so it is best to go in with friends and split the cost.

Alabaster (gypsum)

AlabasterA soft stone, it is colorful and available in the United States.

  • Colorado Alabaster
  • Alpine Gems & Minerals - Utah
  • Italian Alabaster - Gian Carlo - British Columbia

LimestoneLimestone (limestone)

It varies in hardness, but is easily carved by beginners.

  • Don't mess around. Go to Bybee Limestone - Indiana

Marble (calcite)


Marble is the stone of choice for many sculptors.

I prefer Carrara, but you may want to go Carrara Italy for it.

In the United States, you can find it.

  • Try 2Sculpt in Kansas - he cuts and ships to you
  • Renaissance Stone - Oakland CA - he does not ship or cut.
  • On the east coast, marbles are available but much harder and not recommended for beginners.

Onyx and harder stones: You are on your own.


Travertine & Marble

White Carrara, Statuary, verined Statuar, Light Pink Portuguese, Bardiglio (small pieces of Colle Mandina (rich brown)

Roman travertine (tan) Afghani Travertine (yellow) Iranian Travertine (red)

Contact Lynne Streeter in Oakland CA at (510) 533-8893 or email