Hand Tools

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Chisels, hammers and riffler/rasps are the backbone of your sculpture and of your skills. Learn them first. Hammers come in different weights from 1 pound to 3 pound and even with teeth. Soft iron is for your tempered steel or carbide chisels because soft iron will spread the impact of your strike on the chisel so you don't break or bruise your stone. Toothed hammers are for breaking the stone surfaces and texturing.

Pietrasanta ItalyEvery Milani chisel is hand made of Italian Steel. Riffler/rasps are files. They come in various sizes and shapes. The larger the rasp, the coarser and more aggressive. Milani has diamond rifflers made for marble, and we also carry Strauss small equine dental tools made of industrial diamonds in Israel. For marble detail work they are indispensable. The words "rasp" and "riffler" are used interchangeably. The Italians call them "rifflers".

Karen visiting with Daniela, Isabella and Marcello and Baxter at the Milani Store in Pietrasanta.