Power Tools

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This is a big subject, but I will start with the first thing you need: a compressor.

Air - AAir Compressors are air machines. That's all they do. They suck in outside air and force it through your hose to your pneumatic tool. Every tool has different air requirements. So, if you are planning to use a large air tool like a die grinder or a T, S, R or U you need lots of air. I recommend a 60 gallon air tank, 3 or more horse power , which can deliver air at 90 lbs of pressure and 5 or more gallons per minute. For smaller hammers (V, A, D, P) you can use a smaller compressor. They are noisy, so be sure your neighbors won't mind.

Pneumatic Hammers - Cuturi pneumatic hammers have been made by the same family for generations in Massa, Italy. I have one which is 100 years old and still works. These are the finest hammers in the world. In my opinion, no one has made a better tool for carving. These come in many sizes from huge (Z) to small (P). For general carving select a "V" for a smaller compressor or "U" for a larger compressor. Find a friend with a hammer and see if carving your piece in 1/10th of the time as hand tools is where you want to go. I have friends who have carved for years and don't use them. I use both hand and pneumatic tools. Please call me (Karen) for more information.

Pneumatic Chisels - These chisels all fit in other manufacturers hammers with the same shaft.

  • Cuturi P Hammer has very small "P" chisels roughly 1/4" shaft.
  • Cuturi E Hammer has 7.5 mm shaft roughly 1/4".
  • Cuturi D A U V T S R Hammers are 12.5 mm shaft roughly 1/2" shank.
  • Cuturi Z Hammer takes 1" shank chisels. It must be special ordered.

If you can't find the right chisel or hammer, you haven't talked to us. We can special-order any of their tools that we don't carry and it is usually one week turn around. We also carry Cuturi Pneumatic Oil.

We carry the largest selection of Cuturi Carbide Chisels in the United States! Cuturi makes carbide chisels for hammers in many sizes and shapes: flat, tooth, point, bush. Choose chisels carefully for the kind of work you do. Use the smaller for detail, the larger for rough out. You can carve Mt Rushmore or an angel's eyelash with a Cuturi hammer and chisel.

In addition we have Milani tempered steel pneumatic chisels. We also carry air die grinders, diamond cutting and shaping discs, burrs, both carbide and tungsten coated.