• Set of Raschietti Scrapers
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Matt's Set of "Raschietti" Scrapers

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One of the handiest chisels from the tool box of the Italian artisans, these tempered steel scrapers will save you a lot of sanding time and help you "clean up" and get into tight grooves. Based on the form of a rusted scraper found in an old workshop in Pietrasanta these finishing chisels fit perfectly into your hand. One end is flat and the other is rounded, enabling you to “clean” any surface contour. Just push the scraper across the surface of the stone.

Approx measurements for flat end:  2 mm, 7 mm, 11 mm, 18 mm

Be sure to keep the edges razor sharp with a honing stone (do not use a bench grinder). The bent shape also helps you get around and behind forms. Not recommended for stones harder than marble.