Karen's Corner

Stone carving tools can be found in every wood carver's, mason's, stone restoration, plaster worker's, foam carver's tool boxes. They are rasps, files, chisels and hammers.

I started carving soapstone with my set of steel hammers and wood chisels I used on building our house in Guerneville, California.


Many of you may recall visiting our dome home, stone & tools while in Guerneville. We sold this property and moved our business to Sebastopol without the stone!

But, I found that for stone carving, plaster work and masonry, there were far better tools. (My dad, a woodworker, used to tell me: "The right tool for the job means the job's done right.)

I discovered Stone Sculptors Supplies in Escondido, California and wasted no time getting there to take instruction and learning the tools. (This was the original "Stone Sculptors Supplies").

The tools Milani & Cuturi make are the finest carving tools in the world. Made in Pietrasanta and Massa, near Carrara) by the same families for decades. These tools cut, shaped smoothed and finished all the stone I could fine.

Great tools for carving wood, plaster, masonry, Styrofoam, plastics and of course stone (also used by jewelers and lapidaries).

Karen Ryer & Jim Ewing conversingMilani tools are hand-made of Italian steel and you can feel it when you use them.

In this "Karen's Corner", as often as I can, I'll answer questions, and comment on tools. If you would like me to address any specific issue, just email and will answer you individually or in this space.

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Karen Ryer & Jim Ewing conversing Karen