Open Studio

Open Studio
Friday & Saturday

9 A.M - 3:30 P.M

Karen RyerI have taught beginning stone carving since 2004. I emphasize the Italian style: learn your hand tools well; graduate to pneumatic hammers and cutting saws then to hand polishing.

I open my studio to anyone who wants to learn basic carving or has particular needs for which you need help. The studio is open (rain or shine), Fridays and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Bring lunch, gloves, sensible shoes and patience. Call first (707) 869-1666 or (707) 869-1021.

  • You may borrow my tools on your first visit at no charge.
  • If using pneumatic tools there is a $10.00 per day charge.
  • We have a full selection of new tools for you to purchase.
  • I do not have large stone pieces.
  • I do have small pieces of alabaster, soapstone and limestone which we sell at $1.00 per pound to use for learning purposes.

I have continuing students who work here every Friday and Saturday, so there are always people here who love stone. Patricia & I have a beautiful sculpture garden with my pieces and our collection.

~ Karen Ryer

Workshop & Studio

About Karen Ryer

sculptor toolsKaren Ryer, a stone sculptor for over 15 years, teaches sculpting, co-owns Stone Sculptors Supplies an online shopping site that ships Italian hand made tools (Milani and Cuturi) and sculpting supplies around the world.

She has studied stone sculpting under Ante Marinovic, world-renowned stone sculptor and Matt Auvinen. Ryer has formed alabaster, marble, honeycomb calcite, soapstone, limestone, pipestone and many other materials into beautiful and profound contemporary art.

Ryer sells her sculptures and those of others at Withywindle Gallery in Guerneville, California.

Physical Address of Withywindle Gallery
16377 Main Street
Suite B
Guerneville, CA 95445

Physical Address of Karen's Studio
970 Cunningham Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone Numbers
(707) 869-1666 or (707) 869-1021

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