"This is the 1st time I ever ordered a stone without picking it out myself in person. Although I like the thrill of looking thru all the rocks, this was a great first-time experience for purchasing a stone online. I'm happy with the shape and all is well. Thanks again!"
Debra in Laguna

Thanks so much. We received it yesterday. I'm amazed the shipping was so reasonable. Even the guy at the post office here mentioned how good of a deal the shipping was. We'll have to keep that in mind for future orders, which we'll be doing shortly. Thanks so much for your excellent service."

Thank you for a fabulous weekend. In fact, it was perhaps one of the best weekends I've had in my entire life, and I'm 52 years old. I came back to work this week and I am so jazzed about my experiences that I feel like I'm floating. Your facilities were very comfortable and well equipped, the setting was idyllic and inspirational, and the instructor was phenomenally gifted.

You provided the perfect balance of individual creative space with the synergy and inspiration of a community of artists under the tutelage of a master. Thank you for being a wonderful host."

stonecarvingtools.jpgI wanted to thank you both for an absolutely superb ten days. It is never easy to arrange for ten days in a row away from my busy practice as an intellectual property lawyer, but this time the effort paid off in spades. Ante Marinovic is one of the most effective teachers of any sort I have encountered in any field. He listens to and guides his students continually and intensely, with considerable wit, patience and sophistication. It is remarkable to receive such personal care from a true master in his field, much less from a person with Ante's considerable accomplishments, experience and talent. Suffice it to say that I progressed well beyond what I would have had any reason to expect. Now I have considerably greater ability and confidence to see and execute more clearly in one of this totally unforgiving but highly rewarding medium. Taking stock, I count great strides in among other aspects of stone carving:

(1) knowledge of and appreciation for various alabasters, marbles, soapstones, other stone and how they respond to the tools and the artist, where they come from, the potential they offer;

(2) techniques for working the stone with hand and pneumatic tools, rasps, rifflers, diamond and sandpaper abrasives and various finishing products;

(3) familiarity with a wide range of options in the hand tool, power tool, and finishing products armamentarium;

(4) detailed knowledge of a number of "tricks of the trade" including how to do and not do any number of foundational and sophisticated stone carving tasks and techniques; and

(5) deeper and richer knowledge and appreciation for broader aspects of stone sculpture, artists, and tradition.

Location: If I were to choose a place in the U.S. to do a stone carving course such as this, I could not imagine a more suitable location than where you are. The redwoods, the scenic Sonoma County hills, and the deer, turkey, rabbits and other wildlife up on your mountain provide world class ambience and beauty. The cultural sophistication and ambience of the Bay Area adds to the richness. The continual flow of accomplished artists and interesting people who stop in to visit add to the sense that your studio is one of the gravitational centers in this art form. No experience of this sort would be possible without the company and intellectual and artistic stimulation of other students, such as among others Sergio, who is without doubt, together with both of you, Ante and Ella, among the most interesting people I have ever run across anywhere.

One of the most valuable aspects of this ten days was to form new and deep friendships with you all. Thank you for putting on this symposium. Your graciousness, style, wit, and authoritative knowledge can only flow from people who are as talented and passionate about what they do as you are. Part of who I am remains with you all up there on your mountaintop, and I cannot wait to return physically next year to grow even more."

Stone Sculptors Supploes TestimonialsI can't tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful care you have given me. The stones you sent for the last workshop were absolutely wonderful. Great variety, perfect size and without fissures! Big Hugs."