• The Stone Carvers

The Stone Carvers Book (Hard Cover) & DVD


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Available as a book/DVD set, book only, or DVD only.

We have the heart-warming book about the Italian-American master stone carvers who spent decades creating the sculptures that adorn the Washington National Cathedral... and with the permission of the author, Marjorie Hunt, are now offering it to you.

In 1984 Ms. Hunt and her collaborator, Paul Wagner, produced an award-winning video which includes interviews with some of the carvers. Although the book has many beautiful photographs, there’s nothing quite like hearing the carvers’ words from their own mouths.

For centuries, stone carvers have enhanced buildings ranging from the Gothic cathedrals of Europe to the Beaux-Arts skyscrapers of New York. Steeped in tradition and skilled in an exacting craft, these master artisans have contributed much to some of the 20th century's most celebrated civic and religious monuments, but they have rarely received individual recognition for their work.

We invite you into the wondrous world of stone carving as seen through the eyes of these extraordinary men.